The Easy Path - Table of Contents

Illuminating the First Panchen Lama’s Secret Instructions

Editor's Preface


1. The Preliminaries

2. Relying on a Spiritual Teacher

3. Precious Human Rebirth

4. Small-Scope Mind-Training Practices

5. Middle-Scope Mind-Training Practices

6. The Seven-Point Cause-and-Effect Method for Generating Bodhichitta

7. Unique Instructions for Realizing Bodhichitta

8. The Bodhisattva Vow

9. Engaging in the Bodhisattva's Deeds

10. Calm Abiding

11. Special Insight: The Perfection of Wisdom


I. An Extremely Brief Preliminary Practice According to the Condensed Jewel Tradition

II. A Biographical Sketch of the First Panchen Lama

III. A Brief Biographical Sketch of Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Jampa



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