Food for the Heart - Table of Contents

The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah


Foreword by Jack Kornfield


1. About This Mind  

2. Fragments of a Teaching 

Part 1: Conduct—Virtue and the World of the Senses

3. Living in the World with Dhamma         

4. Making the Heart Good   

5. Sense Contact—the Fount of Wisdom   

6. Understanding Vinaya    

7. Maintaining the Standard           

8. Why Are We Here?          

9. The Flood of Sensuality   

10. The Two Faces of Reality          

Part 2: Meditation

11. A Gift of Dhamma          

12. Inner Balance     

13. The Path in Harmony    

14. The Training of the Heart

15. Reading the Natural Mind

16. The Key to Liberation

17. Meditation (Samādhi Bhāvāna)           

18. Dhamma Fighting          

19. Just Do It!

20. Right Practice—Steady Practice           

21. Sammā Samādhi—Detachment Within Activity         

22. In the Dead of Night      

Part 3: Wisdom

23. What Is Contemplation?           

24. Dhamma Nature

25. Living with the Cobra    

26. The Middle Way Within

27. The Peace Beyond         

28. Convention and Liberation       

29. No Abiding          

30. Right View—the Place of Coolness      

31. Our Real Home   

32. The Four Noble Truths 

33. “Tuccho Poṭhila”—Venerable Empty Scripture         

34. “Not Sure!”—the Standard of the Noble Ones           

35. Still, Flowing Water        

36. Transcendence  

37. Toward the Unconditioned      

38. Epilogue  

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