How to Meditate - Praise

A Practical Guide

“An excellent and engaging book for anyone interested in learning how to meditate.”—Thubten Chodron, teacher and author of What Color is Your Mind?

“Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, this book has jewels of wisdom and practical experience to inspire you. Kathleen McDonald comes from a long and trustworthy lineage of teachings. In How to Meditate, she shares the best of what she has received.”—Richard Gere

“This book is as beautifully simple and direct as its title.”—Yoga Today

“Written for the person who may not have the opportunity to seek personal instruction.”—Circles

“Kathleen McDonald’s intelligent and carefully written book informs us... we can feel the meditative enthusiasm and experience of the author seeping through the words.”—The Middle Way

“Simple, direct, and complete.”—The Wisconsin Bookwatch

“A wealth of practical advice...”—MLBD Newsletter