Classic and Contemporary Buddhist Works

A Hundred Thousand White Stones - Table of Contents

An Ordinary Tibetan's Extraordinary Journey


  1. The Invasion

  2. My Parents

  3. Fresh-Air Childhood

  4. A Blessing from the Panchen Lama

  5. A Little Education

  6. Life in the Village

  7. Tibetan Cooking

  8. Losar

  9. My Father's Drinking

  10. A Tragic Turning Point

  11. How I Became a Nun

  12. The Meditation Retreat and the Bad News

  13. A Tough Year

  14. Preparing for India

  15. Escape

  16. Welcome to Nepal

  17. My First Taste of Freedom

  18. Dharamsala at Last

  19. Life on My Own

  20. Fiasco at the Disco

  21. Evan Returns to America

  22. The Worst Thing I've Ever Done

  23. My Fiancée Visa Is Denied

  24. Evan Returns

  25. A Final Push

  26. A New Life

  27. Disappointment with My New Life

  28. Tenzin Yangchen

  29. Tenzin Yangzom

  30. My Struggle to Return to Tibet

  31. Reunited with My Family

  32. White Stones

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