If You’re Lucky, Your Heart Will Break - Table of Contents

Field Notes from a Zen Life



Part I: What Is Awakening?

The Answer, Sort Of 
Every Day Is a Good Day     

Part II: Sit Down, Shut Up, and Pay Attention

On Having a Spiritual Practice        
Koan Introspection  
Listening for the Sound of the Single Hand: How to Let a Koan Work On You    
Some of What Zen Practice Is, a Little of What It Isn’t     
Spiritual Directors    
What to Look for When Looking for a Zen Teacher         
Only Don’t Know      

Part III: Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk

Putting It Together  
Karma, Rebirth, & Finding a Real Life        
Wrestling with Natural Law
Seven Suggestions   
Do Not Cut Yourself Off from This World: Love Your Mother    
Do Not Kill: Reverence This Mysterious Life         
Do Not Lie: Speak Truthfully          
Do Not Steal: Respect the Integrity of Things       
Do Not Misuse Sex: Respect Our Bodies    
Do Not Forget Your Family: Seek Justice   
Do Not Drink the Wine of Delusions: Seek Clarity

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