Classic and Contemporary Buddhist Works

The Meditator’s Atlas - Praise

A Roadmap of the Inner World

“A monumental synthesis from the standpoint of one who has walked the path. A simple fact shouts from these pages over and over again-that nirvana is possible.”—Inquiring Mind

“A fresh, contemporary presentation of a venerable and ancient teaching. Readers of this book will find that it profoundly deepens their practice.”—from the foreword by Bhante Gunaratana, author of Mindfulness in Plain English

“Flickstein writes with sharp clarity and contagious enthusiasm which draws one back to the sitting cushion again and again.”—Steve Shealy, Ph.D., meditation teacher and clinical psychologist

“Never have I read a book on spiritual practice more practical or lucid. It belongs in the library of every serious student of the teachings of the Buddha.”—Walter Schwidetzky, co-founder of The Forest Way Insight Meditation Center

“Flickstein’s valuable instructions on the posture, place, and time dedicated to sitting meditation will motivate both the beginning and experienced meditator to a more dedicated practice.”—Hsi Lai Journal of Humanistic Buddhism

“Flickstein’s commentary on The Path of Purification, one of the most penetrating yet practical teachings of the Buddha, brings an immediacy and insight that are valuable aids to its study.”—The Beacon

“A brilliant resource.”—Jim Lassen-Willems, Vipassana teacher

“Flickstein has managed to select what is essential and clarify this dense and complex material, but without watering it down. The heart of it is all there. I know how valuable this will be to serious practitioners of dhamma.”—Barbara Brodsky, Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry