Classic and Contemporary Buddhist Works

When the Chocolate Runs Out - Table of Contents

A “Little Book of Wisdom.”


  • Salvation Through Chocolate  
  • Sources of Dissatisfaction 
  • The Origin of Our Problems 
  • Attachment and Release 
  • Ego Barges In 
  • Angry Interpretations
  • The Heart of the Dharma
  • Inner Psychology
  • Qualities of Mind 
  • Why Meditate?
  • Effort and Expectation 
  • Checking Up with
  • Your Own Experience  
  • Sleeping and Waking Up  
  • The Indisputable Fact of Karma 
  • “My Enemies Disappeared”  
  • Embracing All Beings Equally 
  • Equilibrium
  • True Charity
  • The Meaning of Emptiness
  • The Mind of Wisdom 
  • Taking Refuge 
  • How to Meditate  
  • Leading  an  Inner  Revolution— Exchanging Self with Others

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