Open Mind - Praise

View and Meditation in the Lineage of Lerab Lingpa

Study the Great Perfection with the celebrated Lerab Lingpa, who imparted teachings to the Thirteenth Dalai Lama, and discover the common ground of Tibetan Buddhism’s many schools in essays by his disciples.



424 pages, 6x9 inches


ISBN 9781614293880

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eBook Bundle (PDF, epub, mobi)


ISBN 9781614294047

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"Lerab Lingpa, Je Tsultrim Zangpo and Lozang Do-ngak Chokyi Gyatso all have the unusual ability to teach the profound wisdom of the Great Perfection out of their own experience, in a direct and meaningful way to dharma students living in our challenging times. It’s a tribute to Alan Wallace, a long-term practitioner, dharma teacher, and scholar, that he has translated these teachings (a very difficult task) into clear and sparkling prose that we can understand and use for practice."—Tsoknyi Rinpoche, founder, Pundarika Foundation and author of Open Heart, Open Mind

“Tertön Sogyal is celebrated as one of the greatest Tibetan Buddhist teachers in the 20th century. This is a precious book that carries his profound wisdom. Thanks to Alan Wallace for doing such great job in translating it into English. Open Mind is a gift to those who have affinity with the way of Dzogchen.”—Anam Thubten, author of The Magic of Awareness